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Can we tackle metabolic diseases by heating up/cooling down the fat?

WARMED is a research project aimed at developing NO-based approaches for guided white adipose tissue browning.

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25. marta u biblioteci Instituta za Biološka istraživanja „Siniša Stanković“ održan je završni simpozijum projekta WARMED programa PROMIS Fonda za nauku Republike Srbije. Učesnici projekta održali su predavanja o kliničkom značaju masnog tkiva u pandemiji metaboličkih bolesti i značaju fundamentalnih istraživanja za razvoj novih pravaca u biomedicini metaboličkih bolesti. Diskutovalo se o ćelijskoj transplantacionoj terapiji i dizajniranju trojanskih adipocita za prevazilaženje metaboličkih bolesti. Svi zainteresovani imali su priliku da nam se priključe uživo ili putem zoom linka. WARMED tim se zahvaljuje svim predavačima i učesnicima simpozijuma!

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Our Main Goal

Transdifferentiation of human mature white adipocytes into brown adipocytes.

Our Facilities

Are located at throughout Universities of Belgrade, Novi Sad, and Nis.

Our Location

Bulevar despota Stefana 142, Belgrade 11060, Serbia.

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+381 11 2078 307

We Employ Innovative Ideas & Latest Research Technology

One of the fascinating processes in adipobiology is brown adipocyte tissue’s ability to convert chemical energy into heat. The finding that white adipocytes also possess such capability jumpstarted biomedical research into browning – a phenotype change of white into brown adipose tissue. This phenomenon is the basis for new strategies in preventing and treating obesity and associated metabolic disorders. WARMED deals with several challenges in introducing browning from the research bench into medicine, such as elucidating molecular mechanisms. For example, using highly sensitive and selective pharmacological strategies to reprogram readily available white adipose tissue cells for transplantation therapy of obesity and associated metabolic diseases.

“WARMED focuses on developing redox biology of adipose tissue, while continuously improving the level of scientific research in Serbia through the education of young scientists.”

Aleksandra Jankovic,

Principal Investigator, WARMED

Our Expertise

We are a new research group explicitly formed to bring together early career researches capable of tackling boundary-moving problems. This project’s unique integrated approach focused on the most fundamental understanding of the NO-driven adipose tissue browning requires a unique combination of expertise – in redox biology, adipobiology, and medicine – research environment and equipment.

Redox Biology

Using redox-based approaches to imitate naturally occurring cell signaling.  


Using knowledge of adipose tissue morpho-functional plasticity to transform adipocyte phenotype from energy-storing to energy-wasting.


Using in vitro transdifferentiated adipocytes as the basis of personalized cell therapy for obesity and metabolic diseases. 

Why is WARMED unique

WARMED is a part of the fist cycle of research projects funded by the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia under the Program for excellent projects of young researchers (PROMIS)


WARMED uses state-of-the-art research methodology


WARMED aims at developing new ways for in vitro cell transdifferentiation

High Impact

The end goal of WARMED is to contribute to the development of personalized cell-based therapy for obesity

Research excellence

WARMED team consists of excellent early career scientists and young researchers

Latest Accomplishments

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