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We published an original article titled “L-Arginine Induces White Adipose Tissue Browning—A New Pharmaceutical Alternative to Cold” in the Pharmaceutics journal about the potential of amino acid L-arginine to ignite white adipose tissue browning. We showed for the first time that L-arginine supplementation can be considered as a new pharmaceutical alternative to cold exposure, which could be of great interest in treating obesity and associated metabolic diseases. You can access the full article below, or at the following links:

WARMED publications in 2021

We published a review article titled “Redox changes in obesity, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes” in the Redox Biology journal about the diversity and clinical utility of redox biomarkers in redox-metabolic diseases like obesity, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes. We took a unique approach discussing redox biomarkers in metabolic diseases in the context of circadian rhythms and obesity-associated malignancies. You can access the full article below, or at the following links:

Press releases

WARMED has new press releases!

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